Echo is a reflection, a repetition of sound waves, a reminiscent impression. It travels through physical and conceptual spaces evoking identity recollections, desired remembrances, and collective memories looming out of pasts immemorial.

ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage

European: geography relating to the western part of the landmass located between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean; mythology referring to Europa, daughter of Telephassa and Agenor; astronomy relating to the satellite of the planet Jupiter.

Cultural: relating to culture; to the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a society; to the arts and to intellectual achievements.

Heritage: property that is or may be inherited; inheritance; the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture; the range of contemporary activities, meanings, and behaviours that we draw from them.

Onstage: on to the stage and visible to the audience.

ECHO is the reflection of the European and Balkan heritage in contemporary arts, the transmitted impression of heritage through arts to the audience. It is the perception of identity that contains sameness and difference at the same time, the energy and means mobilised to signify and remind bearers of identity its fluidity, slipperiness, and definitiveness.

ECHO tries to grasp the continuous reinterpretation of identity as invoked in collective memories and according to the experience and needs of the present. It attempts to catch moments of a past that is constantly rewritten according to present circumstances.